Reasons to be cheerful & trying something different!



This is Tom & Luna – she looks like a tiny astronaut – maybe that’s serendipity! Trying to do some different work and looking for inspiration from family.


About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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6 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful & trying something different!

  1. barleybooks says:

    This is beautiful and the restricted colour-range works well. Oh those little hands … I am newly a grandmother, and notice these things! Surely you couldn’t sell this one?

  2. Jo Murray says:

    I like it. Keep experimenting. Jo

  3. Elaine Partington says:

    Jill this is exquisite, Tom’s face has the spirit of those early picasso paintings of young boys.
    I love portraits made by artists of sitters they know well, a special kind of shared intimacy comes thru. x

  4. lea goldberg says:

    i like it!its good-depending on how many relatives you have it could lead to a huge series-and a subset series of their houses…

    • Thanks Lea – I’m more interested in this than in other stuff at the moment – I have 2 brothers and a sister – 5 nephews and 2 nieces – a mother and sundry others, some no longer actually here, like my Dad but with a vast prescence nevertheless! And now Luna – great niece.I like your suggestion – just need the confidence to carry it out.I’d really like to.One niece is at Wimbledon Art School,the other niece and one nephew are both applying to London Art Schools or University as now called – nieces boyfriend has a place at Camberwell- she wants to do fashion at CSM or similar. Fingers crossed -remember how thrilled I was to get to Central School in 1965!

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