Lockdown Escapism

There is a quote – something along the lines ‘ Art is the only way to run away without leaving home’.

Lately I have enjoyed making little collages from sweet wrappings and decorative glittery papers.

Here are some of them…….

Blue Parrot
Little Red House
Two Cats
Guardian Angel

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Return of North One Artist

I have been very neglectful of North One Artist recently but will make amends! WordPress informs me that today stats have dramatically risen on views to this site and I have no idea why but thank you and watch this space. In this lockdown time all ways of contact are so good.

This painting is part of the Royal Watercolour Society’s exhibition which you can see and purchase online


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A magical midsummer night painting

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Better late than never!

Just returned from a week in St Ives – lovely sea,sky,sand and seagulls.

Had time to do some drawing – this is the view of rooftops

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Royal Society of Portrait Painters

My painting ‘A Quiet Moment’ has been selected for the Society’s exhibition at Mall Galleries.

Very thrilled and delighted

9-25 May 10-5 daily

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Scan 8Drawing 1Passport photo

So long since I posted – top photo, my Father’s family, Emigrants from Russia to America – my Mother, went to America from England, my Father and me on his passport from America to England.

The Holocaust Memorial planned for London has reminded me

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Worrying to go through necessary bureaucracy even if you have Mum’s comforting hand on you.

Passport photo taken by Dad’s friend Jay Dudley, New Jersey 1949


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