Royal Watercolour Society Autumn Supper

Here we are at the RWS Autumn Supper on Sunday 3 November – it’s a wonderful society to belong to – we have 75  full members and at the moment about 6  Associates – we need more!! If you work in water based medium i.e. watercolour/acrylic/ ink/whatever on a paper based support and would like to show your work at Bankside Gallery with us – first apply for our Open Competition ( see the RWS website) and then maybe apply for Membership – if you’re London based even better. I’m a member but it took 3 tries – and several years of just either getting in to the Open or maybe not – in the end it’s worth it.Image



About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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1 Response to Royal Watercolour Society Autumn Supper

  1. lea goldberg says:

    morning jill!
    your posts are always interesting and informative-I looked up the rws website…hmmm…this is the problem I think a lot of artists come up against-the fees are always so prohibitive-or am I just being a cheapskate?!doubtless the benefits are good-you cant accumulate unless you speculate etc…..but I bet the £££ facts put off a lot of painters…I’ve noticed that over the last few years ,entering most competitions or ‘opens’ or selling opportunities-requires considerable outlay on the part of the artists-I could bang on endlessly about organisers and organisations who make a fair whack from entry and commisssion fees while the poor old artist is kept starving in a garret having earned very little personally from their artwork…or am I just a whining painter?i make a reasonable living from art but there surely isn’t any ‘spare’ to speculate with-if you don’t have a second job or good pension to supplement your endeavours it is and always has been difficult …It would be interesting to hear other artists opinions…

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