Drawing & Painting Buildings

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy drawing buildings – until I was reminded today about some work I did a couple of years ago. The Royal Albert Hall and Grays Inn. Maybe it could be my winter project – a drawing a week.IMG_2253 IMG_2260 IMG_2566 IMG_2570 IMG_2571 IMG_2572


About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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11 Responses to Drawing & Painting Buildings

  1. Find a publisher and do a book on London

  2. Elaine Partington says:

    Like your plan for Winter – these are special Jill x

  3. Reblogged this on Mrs Potts the Painter's Wife and commented:

    Mrs Potts should have been doing much more over the summer, but hopefully she will take up Northoneartist’s advice , stop doing the ironing and get on with more drawing soon!
    Mrs Potts needs to take a leaf out of Northoneartist’s sketchbook and get on with it!

  4. Jo M says:

    Those are really lovely Jill so I do hope you keep up your new resolution.

  5. lea goldberg says:

    oh!they’re LOVELY!!
    please do some more-I especially like the Number 2 house with the branches reflected in the windows-really super-bugger the ironing-get painting!

  6. lea goldberg says:

    well,thank you but faintly anxious about it all-my solo starts18th November-its not a posh gallery-quite small…big enough for about 40 closely hung works…another art market October 5th-only 2 more after that then we close til march…imminent arrival of a hard saved for woodburning stove-much chopping and sawing of wood -I could do with a long lie down like a bear…find a nice hole…snuggle down…zzzzzz x

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