My new Canon printer/scanner/copier

I do like a helpful piece of technology and this printer is really good – trouble is I feel it’s annoyed with me as I only want it to print/copy/scan. It can obviously do SO MUCH MORE and it keeps trying to tell me this by flashing every image I have on it’s screen. It keeps showing me something called ‘My Image Garden’ – where does all this come from? – has it made a selection? – is it trying to get my attention? Every bit of new technology gets cleverer in a pushy sort of way – soon there’ll be irons shouting at you when you haven’t used them for a bit, or telling you you can’t iron properly – imagine the sort of rude remark the cooker is just waiting to make – ‘let that boil over again’,  ‘why do you always overcook things ‘, ‘why don’t I get to cook fancy stuff’. The list could go on and on………..


About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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6 Responses to My new Canon printer/scanner/copier

  1. The REALLY annoying bits are those that stop doing something and either don’t tell you why, or do tell you in total gobbledegook.

  2. lea goldberg says:

    i’m retreating from technology as much as possible(she says,tapping away this comment on a computer…)most new stuff seems to assume tons of prior knowledge…any helpful passing geek will talk you through the solution at break neck speed making you feel doubly Neanderthal when you haven’t grasped it after the 4th repeat…and my very appearance at the door of pcworld sends assistants scuttling into the back muttering-‘old lady-YOU serve her…’I try to stick to gardening,and painting with a brush(not a new fangled i-pad mr hockney!)up he luddites!

    • It’s very hard but it must be good – at least we’ll be old ladies who can order stuff online / book tickets /connect with the outside world / sell our art online – have to remember we’ve done OK really! Thanks for comment, how are you?

  3. lea goldberg says:

    fine thanks-though I seem to always be rushing about without this reflecting in my bank balance…I have vowed to ‘retreat’ next year-I organise an art market for Lincoln business improvement group and whilst very enjoyable and reasonably lucrative takes a fair bit of mental enegy…with all the other things I get roped in to,it makes MY time for painting seem as if its just fitted in…so I shall do the organiser bit and leave the rest to sort themselves out-and concentrate on some research and sorely needed development in my own work…I want some time to paint paint paint!looks like you have things sorted-I envy you the facilities in London!!so many opportunities to pick and chose from-here in Lincoln it can sometimes seem a little cut off…as for selling artwork-if it don’t feature turnips they aint interested!!well,not quite-but nearly the case!

    • Doing actual painting is always a problem – it takes ages to get into it, always longer than I think. It’s scary how fast time goes – wish I had it sorted.Guess it’s good to be busy – have you always lived in Lincoln?In the 60’s I had a boyfriend who lived in Ancaster, spent a lot of time trailing up to Grantham!

  4. lea goldberg says:

    well-lincolns a bit like chile-a very long county-from the river humber down to the wash-ancaster is about 20 miles south of the city-and I was actually born in Liverpool,but I don’t have an accent-well,apart from a vaguely ‘northern’ one-which I can ‘posh up’depending on the company!sort of inbetween jane horrocks and margaret thatcher-ooer!
    no-just vaguely northern really…
    and busy…hmmmmm….yes-but I think the time has come for me to concentrate on my own work-sometimes other peoples requests can be a bottomless pit-or as my mum used to say-‘the more you do the more you may!’and as you say-it does take time to ‘get into it’-I think I said before-I can find a thousand displacement activities-even when I know I want to paint-I sometimes think i’m a bit scared of starting in case I fail-I do have countless unfinished paintings…which I’ve just sorted through,and I know some will have to be finished or there will be a very few paintings by the end of the year-I’ve got a solo in a local gallery in November-and that’s crept up on me so fast this year!
    along with coppers getting younger,time is whizzing by-still-at least I can count on never reaching my old age pension-every time I come close they move the date!

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