What I’ve been doing this week or why I haven’t managed to produce a new painting!

On Monday I inched a bit closer to finishing a project that I’ve been working on for a year. Then I met someone I was at school with for a cup of tea – must do it again soon. Tuesday went to Yoga, tried to start ‘NEW WORK’ but failed. Met my sister, brother-in-law and Daisy & Felix at St Pancras for a drink. They had a few days in Paris to see Ron Mueck Exhibition and others. Nice pub in Kings Cross station but I can’t remember the name. On Wednesday I managed to write something for my project which I think is what’s needed. Thursday Yoga again, then down to Kings Place to the Ruth Borchard  Self-Portrait Competition PV. That was fun – very busy and saw some friends there. Supper at lovely Fish Central. Friday went to the RA Summer Exhibition – sorry to say I didn’t like the way it was hung at all – specially the Large & Small Weston Rooms. Looked as though the person who hung it ( not mentioning names) was either trying to make their own work look better by hanging some very uninteresting pieces or trying to lose the RA a lot of money – the Small Weston Room used to be a jewel box of entertainment and possibly buyable art, but that doesn’t seem to be the object anymore. If I were running the show I would go with ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ – the Academicians can do their own thing somewhere else. Then on to BP Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery – very busy, everyone loves portraiture, me too. Later saw ‘Behind the Candelabra’ – Michael Douglas & Matt Damon fabulous and whoever did the make-up was brilliant.

So that’s why no painting got done – maybe next week will be better.



About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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2 Responses to What I’ve been doing this week or why I haven’t managed to produce a new painting!

  1. Sarah Blake says:

    I absolutely agree with your comments about the Weston Rooms at the RA this year – I was so disappointed. These two are usually my favourite rooms.

  2. Milena Renshaw says:

    Right, Jill, I get the idea! I’ve just been sitting at my desk, preparing myself for writing and have been CLEARING my desk since I sat down! There must be some medication I can take for procrastination. See you on Tuesday. Apologies, this is not an answer to your point about the summer exhibition, but I’m sure I’d agree with you.

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